Mt Dufour is a winter paradise that we have right in our own back yard.  We are truly lucky to have the opportunity to ski at this quality hill in Northern Ontario.  Here are 21 signs you are a Mt Dufourian... 

  1. You have had your ticket clipped for hitting a jump.....or building a jump.....or even cooler, skiing under the lift between Idiots and Main.
  2. You have bombed Idiots from top to bottom.  It was the most exhilarating 3 seconds of your life.
  3. You've waited anxiously for an entire day to see if you won the giant cookie...sadly, even as an adult.
  4. When you are on the chairlift you can identify every single person on the hill based on their snowsuits.
  5. You've accidentally caught about six feet of air coming around the corner from Valley to Main.  
  6. You've fallen exponentially more times going up the Bunny Hill than down.
  7. You know that Charlie Flintoff is the unofficial 'Best Skier on the Mountain'.
  8. You've spent an hour stuck in the bush after trying to cut the corner through the forrest on Family.
  9. You know nothing is as satisfying as one of Gunther's sausages after a day on the slopes...except for beer.
  10. Bruno Augentein was like your unofficial grandfather.
  11. You remember what a thrill it was the first time you got to sit on the bar side of the chalet.
  12. You know on weekends you have to keep your social circle to under four so as to maintain your chairlift foursome.  
  13. When you grew up, your teachers understood that if it was snowing on Tuesday night, you would not be in attendance the next day....sometimes you would even see them at the hill.
  14. You understand the devastation of catching an edge at the bottom of Family and having to push yourself back to the lift.
  15. You have done the walk of shame under the chairlift when you dropped your pole or mitt....or worse, a ski.
  16. The first time you asked a girl out on a date it was while riding the chairlift.  You didn't consider how crushingly awkward it would be if and when she said no.
  17. Mcain's Miniature Pizzas inexplicably taste 1000% better when eaten in the Mt Dufour chalet.  
  18. You've ripped around the corner of Family and had to abruptly stop because there were thirty or so kids sitting on the hill waiting to hit the tiny jump on the right
  19. When you see someone yard sale on the hill, you know immediately know who they are .............and usually the brand of the skis they will have to collect.
  20. You know how much time and effort Dave Brunet and so many others put in to ensure we have a home hill.
  21. You know that Mt Dufourians are a family and this hill is a place where memories are many more than just the ones on this list.

With so many lasting memories, it is a sad fact that this has been a tough year for Mount Dufour.  

A mild winter combined with other unfortunate set backs have landed our home hill in challenging times.  

For so many of us, it where we spent our weekends as kids, parents and grandparents.  It is a place where I, for one, have made so many amazing memories.  

It is now our responsibility as Elliot Lakers, to make sure that our children will have this same opportunity to learn to ski right here in our own backyard.  The opportunity to make their own Dufour memories.  

A Music Festival fundraiser will be held on March 31st, 2018 at 8:00 p.m. at the chalet.   All proceeds will go towards the hill.  Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at Sarich's or by calling Vince at 705-227-0222.

Mt Dufour is a staple of Elliot Lake, lets keep it that way.  See you this weekend!