Elliot Lake Swim Club hosts Swim Meet at Ruben Yli-Juuti Centre and our local swimmers set best times and took home many ribbons and set personal best times

January 16-17, the Elliot Lake Aquatic Club hosted the North Eastern Ontario Regional Developmental Meet #3. This meet saw teams from the Sudbury Laurentian Swim Club, the Elliot Lake Aquatic Club and the Sault Ste. Marie Surge Aquatic Team combine at the Ruben Yli-Juuti Aquatic Centre. More than 100 swimmers aging from 6 – 16 yrs. old took to the water.

Under the vast control of many volunteers, Referees Chris Margetts and Joanne Matheson along with Meet Manager Allison Byles and Officials Co-coordinator Jennifer Burgess, the weekend was an outstanding success.

Locally, ELAC was represented by 48 swimmers, (17 boys and 31 girls). For many, this was their first competition. Setting new Personal bests as well as obtaining ribbons was definitely on the minds of all swimmers.

Many of the ELAC swimmers came home with hardware. Alex Lambert saw 5-1st place finishes and 1- 2nd place finish. Nicholas Lambert saw 4-1st place finishes and 2 second place finishes. Matthew Negrych saw 4 -1sts, 1 -2nd and 1 -3rd. Daxton Timeriski saw 3-1sts and 3 -2nds. Justin Ward swam to 1 -1st, 3 -2nds, and 1 -3rd. Matthew Ward saw 1 -1st, 2 -2nds, and 2 -3rds. David Tymeczko came home with 1-2nd, 1-3rd, and 2 -4th place finishes.

Kyle Beaulieu, Landon Fortin, James Frolick, Liam Hope, Owen Parsons, Theo Parsons, Tie Ryan, Alisdair Stewart, Gareth Tristram and Ethan Young also helped in the ribbon race completing milestones in the pool, some completing their first competition and setting new personal bests. Way to Go boys.

While the boys were resting between events, the ELAC Girls were matching their every time. Often cheers were heard between the teams and teammates, calling for faster turns and quicker kicks.

Hillary Clark gathered 5 -1st place finishes. Mckenzie Ryan saw 5 -1sts, and 1-2nd. Avery Stirling saw 3-1st, 3 -2nds. Izabel Timeriski saw 2-1st, 3-2nds, and 1-3rd. Victoria ward won 3-1st, 2-2nd, 1-3rd. Emma Young swam to 3-1st, 1-2nd, and 2-3rd place finishes. Leanne Britton-Foster saw 2-1st, 3-2nd, and 1-3rd. Abiguelle Giroux swam to 1-1st, and 2-3rd. Megan Sampson saw 1-1st. Jordan Stirling also saw 1-1st.

Sydney Abercrombie, Maija Autio, Kendra Beaulieu, Oceane Christy, Leiya Fortin, Megan Frolick, Emlyn Goulding, Myla Goulding, Shannon Halman, Mya Kay, Abbie Mcgonegal, Reilly Mcgonegal, Chloe Rainville,  Austyn Renaud, Lauren Sams, Payton Stirling, Alyssa Tristramssbsm, Molly Withers, Madison Yorke, Ava Young, and Isabelle Zoldy-Waschuk also swam to the home crowd’s applause, at times deafening. Way to Go Girls.

Many Achievements were developed at this swim meet; overall ELAC is proud of all its swimmers across the experience ladder. As well an event like this could not have happened without the many hours of volunteer planning and organizing. Thanks team!

A few times it was heard from the spectators. “What an amazing Swim Meet. I look forward to coming back each year”. “The hospitality really shines from this small community”.