April showers came by way of flutter kicks and flip turns. ELAC recently hosted the TOPFISH swim meet which showcased many first time swimmers from our local club as well as the Valley East Waves, the Sault Surge, the CFB North Bay Thunderbirds, and the Nickel City Aquatics.

Our local swim club saw 35 swimmers suit up and brave the pool for the afternoon while the viewing area often standing room only cheered their favorite swimmers on.

Overall, parents and coaches alike were provided with personal best times, first swim jitters overcome and tears washed away by the starting gun as all swimmers definitely brought their “A” game.

Theo Parsons earned 1st place in all 5 of his swims while his brother Owen Parsons earned 3- 1sts and 2 2nds. The brothers combined with Tie Ryan and Matthew Ward to win their medley relay. Tie Ryan earned 3 third place finishes for his swims. James Frolick swam to 1 1st, and 3 3rd place finishes. Owen Angus saw a 2nd and 3rd place finish. Kyle Beaulieu managed 2 1sts and a third for his relay along side Owen Angus, Nicholas Obach and Gareth Tristram. Gareth also swam to 1 1st and 4-2nds for his personal swims. Alasdair Stewart saw a 3rd place finish. Charlie Venneau finished 3rd in two of his swims. Matthew Ward finished 1st in three of his 4 swims and 2nd in another. Ethan Young finished 1,2,3, and 4th in his swims.

While the young male swimmers were strutting their stuff, the girls were churning up their own podium finishes.

Mya Kay swam to 3-1sts and 2-2nds. Abbie Mcgonegal also swam to 3- 1sts and 2-2nds. Reilly McGonegal finished 1st and 3rd for two of her swims. Emlyn Goulding saw 2-2nds and 1-3rd place finish. Sydney Abercrombie swam to 1-1st, 2-2nds, and 2-3rd places. Joely Angus saw a 3rd place finish for her efforts. Maija Autio brought home a 2nd and 3rd place result. Kendra Beaulieu swam to 2-1st and 1-3rd place shaving nearly 30 secs off her previous best time in her 25 freestyle. The ELAC Team showed up and definitely represented their talent in their home pool. Continuing the great results was the ELAC Relay team of Jordan Stirling, Payton Stirling, Abbie McGonegal and Leiya Fortin swimming to a tight 2nd place swim. Leiya Fortin also brought home 3-1st place finishes for her swims. Megan Frolick swam to a 1st ,2nd and 3rd for her efforts. Chloe Rainville saw a 3rd place swim. Jordan Stirling swam to 2-1sts and 1-2nd along with her 2nd in the relay. Payton Stirling paired her efforts with 2-1sts and 2-2nds. Alyssa Tristram really improved in the home pool swimming to 2-1sts and 2-2nds and 1-3rd for her efforts. Madison Yorke swam to 2-1sts.

Overall the 35 swimmers definitely made the hometown proud as the camaraderie on and off the deck was very apparent, the senior team coaching the first time swimmers and cheering them on as they braved the deep blue water. Way to Go team. For some this was a division style meet for the first timers, all under 11. Some as young as 5.