The Elliot Lake Aquatic Club swimming in its 40th season has already completed two regional swim meets.

The pool is constantly churning up new talent allowing the growth of our local swimmers thanks to the dedicated team of coaches and parents. This season has 54 eager dolphins competing for bragging rights to share with friends, family and competitors.

In October the club swam at the Sudbury Laurentian Swim Club, sending 20 swimmers. The first swim of the year is met with trepidation and anxiety but ELAC true to its reputation, came out flying. 7 of our swimmers medaled including Alex Lambert with a silver and a bronze. Daxton Timeriski brought home 4 medals which included 2 silver, 1 bronze and 1 GOLD. Abbie McGonegal silvered in her 200 Freestyle. Avery Stirling brought home gold with her 800m Freestyle. Victoria Ward brought home a gold and a silver. Ava Young swam hard and achieved 3 silvers and 1 bronze for her efforts. Emma Young won 1 gold. Overall the team swam hard representing ELAC.

More recently the team travelled to the John Rhodes Center participating in the Sault Surge Pentathlon Swim Meet. This meet format was new to many of the attending clubs, offering a five swim competitive format. The Club sent 21 eager swimmers, for some it was their first meet of the season.

Medalling were Kyle Beaulieu with 1 bronze for his 100 Medley. Aidan Connors with a silver in his 1500 Freestyle. Daxton Timeriski continued his winning season bringing home 3 Bronze medals. Leiya Fortin swam her 25m Freestyle finishing with the bronze medal. Avery Stirling received a bronze medal for her efforts in her 400m freestyle. Payton Stirling’s efforts earned her 1 gold and 1 bronze. Ava Young had Gold in her eyes as she brought home 3 Golds and 1 silver. Way to go Ava !.

Parents and coaches alike are excited about this season’s prospects as the novice swimming registrations continue to grow offering the club future athletes to foster and develop. The community support is also apparent as the recent bottle drive campaign was a huge success. Thank you to the public input and support, showing the club is alive and well.