Recently at the Ontario Team Challenge Swim meet, The ELAC team proved small town pool training can and does compete in the big lanes.

A big standout of the weekend swim showcased the team unity held by Elliot Lakes Relay Team of Abbie McGonegal, Ava Young, Leiya Fortin and Jordan Stirling. Our Team brought home Gold for both their events, The 4x100m Freestyle and the 4x100m Medley. Awesome Job girls. You really made our club proud!

Abbie McGonegal carried her drive to succeed in finishing third for her efforts in her 50m Backstroke and her 200m Freestyle, narrowly missing the podium for her 100m Backstroke by a mere 4 tenths of a second.

Ava Young took her turn filling each step on the Podium. Gold in the 100m Butterfly, Silver for her 50m Backstroke, Bronze for her 50m Butterfly and also her 100m Medley. Some say that girl can really fly!

While ELAC’s Young Ladies were busy gathering their hardware, the rest of the team was seen improving their personal bests and expanding on their Swim meet experience. Mckenzie Ryan crushed her PB by 16 seconds in her 800m Freestyle finishing in 10:47.66 sec. Way to Go

Nicholas Lambert broke onto the podium earning a bronze for his efforts in his 200m Freestyle. Way to go Nicholas.

As the swim season winds down in Elliot Lake, the club would like to take this opportunity to thank all our parents, sponsors and fans for keeping the pool full of enthusiasm and support.

To our coaches for their continuous efforts and dedication in keeping this club one to be looked upon at all the meets. 40 years and still kicking. FLY, BACK, BREAST, FREE. ELAC IS THE CLUB FOR ME.